Welcome to Aboutlist.org

The primary goal of Aboutlist.org is to create the largest free database of local data about cities and countries worldwide, especially living conditions: cost of living, housing indicators, health care systems, taxi pricing and traffic, crime and pollution. To do that Aboutlist.org will use the wisdom of the crowd (collect factual data from our users) and public sources (public databases and APIs) to obtain the most reliable information possible.
Aboutlist will then perform a statistical analysis of the data collected. In addition, Aboutlist will provide a variety of systematic research results for readers with its compilation of local information across the globe.

Here is the list of projects as we are making progress:

Taxi Prices & Fares

Taxi Prices & Fares project's goal is to systematize local taxi pricing information in as many countries and cities as possible. Use our Taxi Fare Calculator to calculate a projected fare for your next taxi ride, or simply check out taxi prices by location.

Package and Delivery Tracking

Global Parcel Tracking via Parcel App

Detect if website is up or down

Website down or Website not working

Cost of Living

Coming soon.